Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dark Chocolate

Since we've moved to China, I've decided to only eat dark chocolate. Not that I'm a food snob--remember, I wish my wife would believe me when I say that I want to eat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for dinner once a week--but it seemed like behaving as if I were a food snob would help me eat more-healthful food. After all, dark chocolate is harder to find and more expensive. If I resolve to only eat dark chocolate, I'll end up eating less chocolate, and that should be good for me. (Also, I've seen a few articles that suggest dark chocolate is supposed to be good for depression, but then other articles say chocolate is bad for your skin, but then other articles say it's not. So, so many articles.)

Anyway, my school's convenience store used to carry Dove chocolate bars in a few varieties, and occasionally one of those varieties would be the 66% dark chocolate variety. But my school's store has crazy inventory turn over, even more so than a typical Chinese store, which has a crazy amount. (Found a product you like? Good luck finding it at that same store ever again.)

I'm intrigued by just how "dark" I can go. If 66% tastes good, what about the imported Swiss bars at the grocery store that are even higher? Yesterday I bought a 72% bar at Walmart. My wife said, "Pretty soon you're going to end up with baking chocolate." But I ate the 72% bar and I liked it. She tried some and hated it.

The people who are letting me use their apartment as my office this summer have a bar of 80% dark chocolate in their refrigerator. I want to try some, but I'm worried they know exactly how much remained when they left. (I was raised in a weird environment where such things happened.) Eventually I'm going to end up eating some of that dark chocolate from The Simpsons episode "Guess Who's Coming to Criticize Dinner" that's so dark that light cannot escape its surface. "Groin-grabbingly transcendent!"

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