Friday, July 31, 2015

God Likes Irony

Sometimes I think God likes irony. I get that impression from the timing of certain news stories. Is it just a coincidence that the week after Planned Parenthood executives have been videotaped admitting that they alter their abortion procedures to preserve marketable fetal tissue (in violation of federal laws) that the annihilists have flipped their collective lid over the shooting of Cecil the Lion?

This contrast is becoming increasingly absurd. Today I saw that a Planned Parenthood executive admitted that they kill already-born babies who were born faster than the abortionist could work. At the same time, that bastion of post-intellectual thought George Takei wrote on Facebook, "I'd like to take a moment to honor Cecil in a different way--how I believe he would want to be remembered."

Cecil was a lion, and as such was incapable of the complex thoughts being attributed to him. Cecil had no way he wanted to be remembered because he didn't understand death and existence the way Takei does. He could never understand rational thought. But you know who would be able to understand rational thought, if allowed to mature? Completely born human babies. But those get to be sold for body parts.

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