Monday, July 06, 2015

It Gets Worse

Last fall the British government overhauled its passport office because some would-be tourists were inconvenienced. Last week the American government seized $75,000 in cash from an airplane passenger who was accused of no wrong-doing (other than holding a bunch of cash, the depraved criminal!).

We know about the cash seizure because a TSA agent felt so little compunction that she tweeted a picture of the cash to make a joke of the man's supposed stupidity. Now, being stupider than a TSA agent is indeed scandalous, but it's not (yet) a crime.

There's a theory in economic history that government had its origins as "stationary bandits." Now the American government's attempts at global taxation have removed the "stationary" part. They're just brazen bandits now.

What connects these two stories? Well, in the one, an inefficient government agency was held responsible to its owners. But in the other, people are too busy getting worked up about a battle flag. Not one that actually threatens people today, like the IS flag. No, a nineteenth-century battle flag. Because if those slavers ever get their hands on a time machine, look out!

Until Americans take real threats more seriously than fake threats, things are only going to get worse.

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