Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Let the July Craziness COMMENCE!

Several months ago, I read this blog post outlining a hypothetical Russian invasion of the Swedish island of Gotland. "Craziness!" said the only people who deigned to give it attention.

Then we finished June with this article about Russia "reviewing the legality" of the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) leaving the Soviet Union. The crazy train can't be stopped by your stupid CALENDAR MONTHS!

Of note: all three Baltic nations are members of NATO (but then news of the recent opinion poll that showed NATO would not defend these members from Russian aggression could not have gone unnoticed in Moscow). Also: I applaud Putin on his desire to follow the law (something Obama no longer has, if he had it at all), but I wonder why he's concerned with the 1991 independence and not with their illegal 1940 annexation. I mean, if we're going to be sticklers about things, why not do it right?

Aside: when I was in fifth grade, my teacher had a fiat currency for classroom usage. We'd earn money for doing things well, we could be fined money for doing things poorly, and periodically we'd have auctions where we'd bring something from home and sell it to our classmates. I opened a bank (which received no deposits because I couldn't pay interest because I had no investment opportunities available to me, and my bank vault being my desk, it was no safer than my classmates' desks). Anyway, to differentiate my bank, I refused to recognize the 1940 Soviet annexation of the Baltic states. The First Bank of Bob (a nickname I tried to get kids to use for me, to no avail) recognized the sovereignty of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in 1989.

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