Monday, July 13, 2015

When Can I Do That Crazy Thing Instead of the Crap I'm Supposed to Do But Prefer Not to Do?

Our church has a lot of restrictions placed upon it here in China. Because the members do a good job complying with the restrictions, the church isn't as restricted as it could be (i.e.: prohibited from meeting). But continual compliance with the restrictions is very important.

Because of this importance, every meeting begins with a reading of the restrictions. And the branches that are on-the-ball enough to have sacrament programs (our branch isn't one of them) print the restrictions in the program. Every week.

It gets to the point where you think, "Settle down, people. We get it already!" And then you attend a meeting where the members are allowed to ask any questions they want, and you realize that we don't, actually, get it already.

It's a lot like members who would read the record of the Ten Tribes from cover to cover but who won't read the scriptures on their nightstand. Or who would pull a handcart to Zion but won't pull their rears to church. And I know I do similar things, but at least I'm self-aware enough to realize it. Before we start demanding new opportunities, let's make sure they're not just additional opportunities to fall short.

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