Sunday, August 23, 2015

Clean-Up on Aisle 五

The easiest way to turn this video involved placing the giant watermark on it. Oh well. I just wanted to show you the grocery store zamboni that was cleaning up the dairy aisle.

Bonus crap: I took Jerome Jerome the Metronome to get a haircut on Saturday. We went to a new place because the last place became less impressive with each visit. I had to come home from my most-recent haircut and give myself another haircut. So we walked along a section of our street with four salons. Three were busy, and one was empty. I said to him, "That could be a sign that the locals know this place is crap." But we're dudes; what do we care what our hair looks like? So we went inside. The lady wanted to start his haircut off with a wash. Since the whole thing was going to cost three dollars, I said, "Why not?"

I sent this picture to my wife. She said he looks nervous. If he was just a few years older, he would have loved having some hot chick massaging his head for him.

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