Friday, August 21, 2015

I Get It: I'm Hairy

This week we ran out of anti-itch cream. My wife and I went to the drugstore. We couldn't find it right away, so I decided to ask a clerk. I pantomimed scratching an imaginary itch on my forearm. The clerk had an expression that conveyed, "I know exactly what you mean." She then led me to the razors.

Listen up, Asians: I'm actually not that hairy, as white guys go. I know you look at me and think I'm Robin Williams, but I'm just a guy with some body hair. Settle down. It's not as bad as my friend Erik, who spent his time living in Korea being called "The Monkey" in the showers at the gym.

To get my point across, I had to pantomime scratching a non-hairy part of my body. It took me a moment to think of one. I eventually settled on the palm of my hand. Everywhere else has hair. I guess you can start calling me The Monkey.

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