Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lowering Group Status

Tyler Cowen wrote a blog post about the response he'd get if he just listed the groups whose status he thought should rise or fall. Arnold Kling wrote a blog post about the response if bloggers were explicit about which groups' statuses they sought to change. Kling says,

It would be an interesting exercise in honesty for everyone who uses social media for political discussions to say, “My main purpose is to lower the status of the following three groups. . .”
So what would my answer be?

I want to lower the status of anti-Mormons, of annihilists, and of the arrogant rich. By "anti-Mormons" I don't mean non-Mormons, I mean people who refuse to accept my self-declared Christianity. By "annihilists" I mean anyone who supports policies and practices that increase the chances of human annihilation, which would include abortionists, statists, atheists (because all atheists are militant atheists), and purveyors of the popular culture. By "the arrogant rich" I mean those who view their wealth as their reward to be spent creating separation from the masses instead of as their burden to spend responsibly for the benefit of their fellow men.

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