Sunday, August 16, 2015

Vacation Blog

Have you noticed that I don't post on weekends much? Most people aren't as active online during their personal time, indicating that the Internet is mainly a large "look busy" activity at work and school. Well, I'm no different. Look at my monthly totals; times off school have fewer posts.

This summer I have been off work, but I have been working on my dissertation proposal, so I still had motivation to write blog posts. Now that I've advanced to candidacy, though, I've been on a mini-vacation for the past two weeks, so I've barely even thought about my blog.

The good news for my blog readers (or maybe it's bad news--there's no reason to assume my readers want more content) is that I've got to start working again soon. Within a few weeks, there'll be a torrent of new material here.

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Alanna said...

That still doesn't explain why I blog more during the week, when I'm a stay-at-home mom and could blog at any time. I think it's because I'd rather spend time with my husband when he's actually around. This doesn't say much for how I spend time with my children, though, does it...?