Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"What Does Freedom Mean to Me?"

Yesterday I was in some terrible training meeting. (Is there another kind?) We were formed into small groups and then asked to answer questions like, "What makes an effective teacher?" I said something to our group and then, in the silence that followed while we wrote it down, we heard a woman in the neighboring group repeat my idea to her own group.

One of my fellow group members leaned in and said, "Guys, they're cheating off us."

I said, "We should loudly say untrue things to throw them off."

My other group member leaned back out and said loudly, "You can never have enough alcohol in your desk."

PS: A different part of the meeting was about how serious plagiarism is.

Post title from Bart Simpson's homework in the episode where they have to steal the lemon tree back from Shelbyville.

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