Saturday, September 05, 2015


I've written before that my preferred solution to immigration is a much stricter oversight process paired with a much more liberal entry allowance. So we should know exactly who is coming, from where, and when, but we should have many more of them come.

Entire families are desirable to single men. Single men are much more likely to commit crime and much more likely to send remittances home. If you're one of these "immigrants take our stuff" people, remittances are your real worry. Immigrants who stay here and keep their earnings here (as entire families would be more likely to do) help grow the economy, not contract it.

Refuges not only are more likely to be entire families, they're also more likely to be talented and enterprising. I mean, they figured out how to move their families from their homelands to your country, didn't they? Chances are that type of ingenuity can help your economy.

So while I favor much broader allowances for Syrian refuges in western democracies, I stop short of using self-congratulatory hashtags such as #TheyCanLiveWithMe, as my one social media acquaintance is wont to do. Because do you actually have any refuges living with you right now? It's not like there aren't any floating around. They're not all camped outside the Budapest train station. Stop using hashtags that are supposed to make you look pious and start actually helping refuges. Which, you might say, I am not doing right now, but given my situation, the most I can do is argue in a publicly-accessible forum for more-liberal immigration policies. Which I am doing right now. They can't live with me, not right now, but they should be able to live, not drowning in the Mediterranean or being executed by Islamic State.

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