Saturday, September 05, 2015

"There Was a Young Lady Named Bright"

Two days ago I wrote a blog post. I finished it and posted it. It showed up in my Feedly feed. But it didn't show up on my blog. When I went looking for it in my blog dashboard, it's a half-finished draft without a title.

How did the completed thing show up in my Feedly?

Just now I copied the post out of Feedly and pasted it into my draft, then published it. It shows up on my blog now. Did I just plagiarize myself? Or maybe the explanation lies in time travel. When it comes to time travel, I'm like Luna Lovegood with nargles: if in doubt, you should probably blame time travel.

Post title from a limerick used on an album by some band my brother liked in the early Nineties, something like Alphaville or Erasure.

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