Thursday, May 26, 2016

Random Pictures from my iPad

My school gave me an iPad to use while I work for them. Preparing to leave means emptying it of pictures.

Crazy Jane and Squidgems messing about in our hotel room in Tianjin two years ago.

Crazy Jane drew this life-size picture of Squidgems. This was back when he made initial-B sounds for all his initial-S words, including his name, so this illustration came to be called by the initial-B version of his name.

Space considerations (and poverty) have led our two oldest boys to sharing a large bed here in China. One morning when I went to wake them up, I found them like this, with the oldest completely covered and the younger one lucky to get his feet tucked under some blanket.

Crazy Jane drew this picture of me after we worked on math together.

Squidgems likes to do yoga any time we have the yoga mats out. Here he is in downward dog.

Crazy Jane likes to mess with the various photo settings when she gets a hold of the iPad.

We have plenty of pictures of me passed out next to each of our kids, but it doesn't happen often that I get a picture of my wife like that.

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