Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Insane Roommates

Remember when you had roommates? At least one was completely insane, right? Like, "lacking all ability of self-reflection" insane. This is what China is in the modern geopolitical landscape.

China does things like, oh, kidnap non-citizens abroad, and is bewildered that anyone could have a problem with it. Then when a Taiwanese pop star waives a Taiwanese flag, China craps itself in a fit of "hurt feelings."

I had high hopes for the continued maturation of China, but the current leadership has taken several great leaps backward. They are betting that the mythical Chinese middle class is such an orgasmic dream that everyone around the world will agree with anything necessary to access it. But western firms are increasingly realizing that doing business in China has enormous costs and paltry rewards. Chinese economic glasnost is ending because China has shown the world they are crazier than a crap-house rat, and who needs an insane roommate?

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