Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Narcissism Metrics

I asked my 300 students to alphabetize their exams when they turned them in today. A handful of them alphabetized by their first names.

Has ANYONE alphabetized by first name since leaving kindergarten? Every class period they have to check their names on the attendance list, which is alphabetized by last names. Every time I hand back assignments I call them out in alphabetical order using their last names. In what possible universe does a roomful of adults think they are going to be organized by FIRST names?!?

I think scenarios that give emphasis to our last names are less personal and more automated. Your preacher or your therapist uses your first name, while the DMV calls you by last name (unless the DMV has gone whole dehumanizing and called you by a number instead). How many college students think first name only is sufficient identification? Is that number increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same?

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