Friday, January 13, 2017

Overly-Ambitious Students Create As Many Headaches As Unambitious Ones

Last semester I discovered that one of my top students was a server at one of my favorite restaurants. While eating there, a co-worker of his introduced himself and asked if he could come by my office to talk economics. I said sure. Now it's a new semester and that co-worker is enrolled in one of my classes.

Tuesday after the first class meeting he asked if he could take the four exams once each week and take the final exam at the end of January. I told him no.

Thursday after class he said he completed the entire semester's homework during the application's free trial period and he wanted to know what happens in three weeks when the free trial expires. I told him the software needs to still be reporting his grades in May. He said he'd hate to pay $65 just to record his homework scores. I told him if that's the cost of having his homework scores recorded, he'll have to determine if that's worth it to him.

Why can't good students just be good? Why do they have to develop new ways of being terrible?

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