Thursday, January 26, 2017

Vengeful Cleansing by a Wrathful Deity and You and Scriptural Accounts

What basis do I have for my speculation that The Woman Who Died a Lot is prophetic? Well, let's notice two things from the Book of Mormon, the first about the Nephite destruction and the second about the Jaredite destruction, and then something from the Bible.

First, we have Mormon's summary to his son, Moroni, of the conditions that caused the then-impending Nephite destruction.

And after rejecting so great a knowledge, my son, they must perish soon, unto the fulfilling of the prophecies which were spoken by the prophets, as well as the words of our Savior himself.
So the Nephites weren't qualified for destruction until they consciously rejected known truth.

Second, we have Moroni's summary of the character of Shiz, the second-to-last Jaredite.

Nevertheless, Shiz did not cease to pursue Coriantumr; for he had sworn to avenge himself upon Coriantumr of the blood of his brother, who had been slain, and the word of the Lord which came to Ether that Coriantumr should not fall by the sword.
What had Shiz sworn to avenge himself upon? Two things: Coriantumr AND THE WORD OF THE LORD. Shiz was partially motivated by a desire to make a prophecy untrue. This isn't just Shiz fighting against Coriantumr, this is Shiz fighting against God and doing it by turning Coriantumr into a proxy.

And third, from the Bible, we don't have it as clearly stated, but what was the motivation of the tower builders in Babel? Was it merely to reach heaven, or was it to build sufficiently tall to withstand a recurrence of the Flood? Either way, the design was to negate the known decrees of God. Notice, also, that the people seem to have foreknowledge of their scattering. Otherwise, it's pretty random that they are planning on the possibility that they "be scattered abroad." They had knowledge of God's will, they devised plans to circumvent it, and they were told the coming punishment if they didn't change.

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