Monday, February 06, 2017

Four Thoughts Over the Weekend

  1. The GEICO commercial where the lady sees the rapper Ice-T at a lemonade stand is confusing to me. When it switches from outside to a woman in her kitchen on a tablet accessing GEICO's website, I can't tell if this is supposed to be the same woman or not. She looks similar, but not identical.
  2. My wife was watching a video clip with Steve Harvey in it and I was struck once again with how unusual his moustache is. It's so dark and thick, but so short. There's no depth to it at all. You'd figure if he kept it cut that short, you'd see his skin through the moustache, but it's impenetrable by sight. It looks like Groucho Marx's moustache, but Groucho's wasn't real. I'm fairly convinced that Steve Harvey's moustache is fake; he uses a grease pencil before coming on stage and that way he is less-recognizable in public. That's my new theory, anyway.
  3. The Collector's Edition Wodehouse books are published by a firm located on Wooster Street in Manhattan.
  4. I had to ask my wife this weekend to remind me how checks work. I said, "Do I mail this to the bank or to the person I'm trying to pay?" In my defense, it's been about four years since I've written a check to someone.

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