Wednesday, February 01, 2017

My Falcon Ordered the Kosher Meal

What kind of resources are involved here? The story is about a wide-bodied Airbus plane rented out to transport 80 falcons to Saudi Arabia, but the unmentioned story is wealth inequality and the failed states of the Middle East. Eighty falcons worth $8,000 each and a chartered large airliner from Paris (a guess, since the article says the origin is unknown, but a really safe bet, in my book) to Jeddah starts at $125,000 (according to a fast search). That comes to $890,000 for a round trip.

I know that those with resources have the right to determine how to use those resources. But I think that the well-being of humans should take priority over a falconry trip (even a really nice falconry trip). The Middle East has the resources to eliminate its poverty problem, but those resources go into buying football teams and cheetahs. Again, if that's what the owners of those resources think is most important, that's up to them. But since Middle East poverty fuels terrorism, why don't Middle East plutocrats in Europe face massive terrorism-abatement taxes?

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