Monday, February 27, 2017

Undramatic Dramatic Movies

We watched Hoosiers Friday night for Family Movie Night. And it made me wonder if the movie was ever dramatic. I mean, from the very beginning, the first time a basketball is seen, you know that this team is going to be champions of whatever basketball tournament they're going to be in. Right? I'm sure I'm not ruining the movie here for anyone. So no one is actually worried when the Hickory Huskers find themselves down by one with the final shot in the air, right?

Not even superhero movies are as undramatic as sports movies, because even though you know the superhero is going to win in the end, you're unsure if the end of the current movie is the end of the story arc, so the villain could still be unfoiled as the credits roll, and you don't know what collateral damage there's going to be, so it's dramatic when people like Mary Jane Watson are in danger. But a movie about a rag-tag band of sports-playing misfits is going to end with them hoisting a trophy and we all know that before we've even seen a single ad for the film.

I bet the literal translation of the Chinese title for Hoosiers is "inevitable basketball championship."

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Nancy said...

I remembered it very differently. I don't think I've seen it since 1986 though. I knew it was about Indiana basketball, and I remember the drunk dad. But my memory was that it was a real tear-jerker. I don't think my eyes even watered this time around. And before we started, I was thinking this was one of those movies where half the team dies in a bus crash or something and they still win the championship. ... I think I must have mixed up two sports movies from my childhood.