Friday, March 03, 2017

Evidence We're Living in a Computer Simulation

I've read a few articles lately that have been making the case that the increasing occurrence of statistically-improbable events is evidence that we're living in a computer simulation. The examples I've seen given are the election of Donald Trump, the outcome of this year's Super Bowl, and now the best-picture fiasco at the Academy Awards.

While I'm sympathetic to the idea that we're living in a simulation (and I can see how this would square with all of my religious beliefs), these are not convincing arguments. These arguments boil down to "it looks like there's a Decision Maker involved." This "Decision Maker" used to be called God, but now that we don't believe in God, we have to call it "superior intelligence that is running our simulation."

Remember what I said about the real-life lessons that can be learned from Jasper Fforde's Global Standard Deity: a God who is increasingly making bare His arm, only to be willfully ignored and called a supernatural computer programmer, is not a placated God.

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Running on empty said...

God just feels sad that we are apart from him.