Monday, March 20, 2017

The Complacency of Lulz Culture

Three years ago I read this article from The Economist which showed the human achievements society has foregone because we were busy watching the music video for "Gangnam Style." Now, one could argue that the rejuvenation we experience after a good "Gangnam Style" refresher makes us more likely to, say, build this millennium's equivalent of the Pyramids, but I doubt that's the way things are going right now. At the end of the week we're no further done with anything major but "Gangnam Style" has a few million more views.

Today a friend of mine re-tweeted this video. It takes 30 seconds to make this point: a set of shoe squeaks in this weekend's Michigan State/Kansas basketball games resembles a segment of the hook in Cypress Hill's song "Insane in the Membrane." The video is even tagged with the label "This Is So Stupid."

What becomes society's set of possible achievements when high school students perfect the flipping of water bottles?

NB: When I first published this, I wrote that the song was House of Pain's "Jump Around." And then I immediately realized I was wrong because my brain was singing the rest of "Insane in the Membrane."

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