Monday, April 17, 2017

Physical Anomalies

Last summer while driving across America, we had two weird things happen to us that I can't explain. One was near Justiceburg, Texas. We had come down off the Llano Estacado and ended up in a bit of a hollow, where we clearly picked up a Los Angeles, California, radio station until climbing up the other side of the hollow. The distance between Justiceburg and Los Angeles is over 1,100 miles.

The second was when we were driving east through Forrest City, Arkansas, and we saw the skyline of Memphis, Tennessee, which was still 45 miles away. While Forrest City is on Crowley's Ridge, the math says the farthest we should have been able to see at that point is 28 miles. The farthest you can see from the top of the tallest building in Memphis is 24 miles. While those two numbers sum to something more than 45 miles, it seemed strange to me that we could see so much of the Memphis skyline (not just the top of one building, which we probably wouldn't have even recognized).

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