Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Catching More Flies With Outrage

We live quite close to a Winn-Dixie location that never seems to have that many shoppers in it. However, it is across the street from a senior living facility, and many of those senior residents frequent the store.

This week, Winn-Dixie announced a plan to close the location. The local news had a story about how residents were experiencing "outrage" and preparing a petition.

Winn-Dixie is in business to make money for the shareholders, not to provide convenient groceries for members of the community. "That's what's wrong with capitalism!" No, your expectation that Winn-Dixie would provide groceries to you even if they lose money in the process is what's wrong with society.

How about asking Winn-Dixie to take a loss as a form of community service? How about asking the city to subsidize the Winn-Dixie location? How about asking the city to work with another grocery store to quickly fill the vacancy? These were the historic responses to this situation. But now we get out our outrage and think that's going to get someone to do us a favor.

Winn-Dixie owes you nothing. Some people keep this in mind when interacting with others, while others rely on outrage to get what they want. My feeling is that the outrage contingent is a quickly-growing segment of society.

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