Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"What's His Name, Uh, Mumbly Joe, Uh, I Saw Him on TV the Other...."

Our oldest son, Articulate Joe, has never really been big on verbal communication. (In fact, his blog nickname was originally Mumbly Joe because of his insistence on only communicating through guttural tones, but when he finally started using words at age three, I upgraded him to Articulate Joe.) Since speech is how most tests of memory arise, it appears he has a poor memory. In reality, his memory is awesome, but his ability to express it in words is pretty poor.

Once we went to the home of some friends and our kids spent four hours or so playing with our friends' kids. When we got home, my wife and I were talking about Articulate Joe's ability to remember names. I called him in the room and asked, "What were the names of the two boys you played with all day?" He immediately answered, "Don't Know and No Idea."

This week we've started watching The Dick Van Dyke Show, which is proving to be quite popular with our kids. The only problem is, Articulate Joe can't remember the name of the show because he can't remember the name of the actor. In fact, the first time he tried to talk about it, he also couldn't remember the name Mary Poppins, so he ended up saying, "The show with the guy from that movie."

He's improving, though: yesterday he called it The Bert Show.