Friday, July 07, 2017

Macron Makes Trump Look Like a Better Choice

French president Emmanuel Macron is beginning to draw some attention with his illiberal governance. However, he's not drawing nearly the level of attention he deserves, because he was the preferred candidate of the media class.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has the undivided attention of the entire American media, ready to interpret his every move as a betrayal of America to his Russian taskmasters.

Assuming Macron and Trump have identical tastes for illiberality, which will be able to accomplish more of the illiberal agenda: the one with an under-scrutinous media or the one with an over-scrutinous media?

Macron is making Trump look like a better choice for president. Tell me this: in the days after a Hillary Clinton victory, does the Washington Post adopt its new motto "Democracy Dies in Darkness"? Given that they had eight years of an Obama presidency (the last three of which under Jeff Bezos) to find their defenders-of-classical-liberalism bona fides and they never got around to it, something tells me their attitude under Clinton would have been a lot more like the French media's attitude under Macron. If that's the case, candidates like Trump and Marine Le Pen have the added selling feature that they can goad the media into doing their job.

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