Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Soccer League Reshuffle

There were a lot of changes to lower-division American soccer this past off-season. USL rebranded and NASL appears to be shuttered for good. Checking today how the dust finally settled, I see that MLS has 27 teams (including three expansion clubs yet to start play), USL Championship has 38 teams (including two expansion clubs yet to start play), USL1 has 12 teams (including two expansion clubs yet to start play), USL2 has 72 teams, and NPSL has 91 teams. That sums to 240 teams.

Can we just cut the crap and have six 40-team leagues (two 20-team divisions in each league)? We can even find room for the handful of NISA clubs, because not every NPSL and USL2 team survives each off-season. Instead, we have MLS trying their damnedest to kill professional soccer in my city because--what?--the Cosmos got Emirates as a jersey sponsor? Three years ago, Jacksonville Armada FC averaged nearly 10,000 fans per game. Now they're playing for free in a city park. Thanks for "growing soccer in America," Don Garber.

Stop the expansion. Just reshuffle. Create complementary leagues. This isn't even a pro/rel argument. I just want a team in my town that I can plan on.

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