Monday, March 25, 2019

Take Your [Relative] to Work Day

I've been a college professor for about eight years, now. There have been times that I've had to take various children to work with me. The first time was when Crazy Jane was about nine or so, and we were going after my class to see Brave at the movie theater across the street from my school. The next year, I took Articulate Joe to school because we were going to the basketball game that evening after class. And last month, I took Jerome Jerome the Metronome to work for the same reason. The only kid who hasn't come to work with me yet is The Screamapilar.

Today, for the first time, my wife came to work with me. She had to get work on her car, and instead of making her sit and wait at the car place for hours, I brought her to work. But she doesn't want to go to class with me (I get it; no one wants to be seen as being pals with the professor; it's not good for your image with the cool kids), so she's going walking on the campus nature trails. Timing-wise, she might finish while I'm at class, so I told her she could sit and wait outside my building.

As we left my building together, I pointed out to her the nearest bench, but said, "You might not want to sit there, because the guy sitting on the ground next to the bench is going to be there for the next two or three hours." Then we moved along to the next seating area. I said, "And by this afternoon, this area will be full of weird street preachers yelling about Jesus." My wife said, "College is fun!"

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