Saturday, May 04, 2019

Jedi Mind Tricks in Baseball

Last weekend, my son went in to pitch in his baseball game. I was watching from our dugout. He threw a pitch, and I quickly reacted to the pitch, which was good, by calling out, "There we go!" And then a second or two passed, and then the umpire called it a strike.

I said to my assistant coach, "I think I just talked the umpire into calling that a strike." He said, "You should try it again."

WORST GAME ENDING EVER: the umpire has been verbally calling "strike" for strikes, and silently pointing to first base for walks, ALL GAME LONG. We have the bases loaded and one out. The count is full. The batter takes the pitch, and the umpire silently points to first base. The runners advance. The batter doesn't know what to do, so I ask the umpire, "Was that strike three or ball four?" He says, "Strike three." Well, now, we have runners off their bases. So the other team tags one of them for the final out of the game. So, so infuriating.

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