Thursday, May 16, 2019

"Kansas City, Here I Come"

Any time I'm going to Kansas City, I find myself singing the song "Kansas City" by Fats Domino: "I'm going to Kansas City / Kansas City, here I come." At one point in the song, he sings the methods he might use to reach Kansas City: "I might take a train / I might take a plane / But if I have to walk / I'm going just the same." This past weekend, as I was indeed taking a train to Kansas City, it made me wonder about the myriad ways I have used to reach that city.

AUTOMOBILE: I first visited Kansas City in 1983, arriving by car on a cross-country vacation from Ohio to Colorado.

BUS: My next method of visiting Kansas City was a Greyhound bus from Los Angeles in 1999. If you want to experience a segment of American society that you probably have never seen before, you should take a multi-day bus trip. After making several stops, each worse than the last, if wasn't until we reached Oklahoma City that the driver told us the station was in a bad neighborhood. I thought, "If the other neighborhoods weren't bad, how bad is this going to be?!"

PLANE: I first flew to Kansas City in 2001. It was August, so it was the last few weeks of the old way of air travel. The Kansas City airport was set up to allow you to walk about 20 yards from the end of the jetway, outside the airport, and into a car. Actually, 20 yards might be an exaggeration; it was probably closer to 10 yards.

TRAIN: Just this month, in 2019, I took a train to Kansas City for the first (and last?) time.

OTHER METHODS STILL TO BE USED: I haven't arrived by bicycle yet (although I did BUY a bicycle in Kansas City once; does THAT count?), or by boat. What's left? Hot-air balloon? Hyperloop?

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