Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What Was I Doing in Ohio?

Around the beginning of March, I was thinking of what to do to complete my dissertation. The past few summers, even though I've been technically out of contract, my work hadn't noticed that, and had allowed me to keep coming to work, so I could use my office with no problems. This year, though, we have a new office administrator and she is on top of everything. She had me complete the separation process and empty my office and turn in my key. So I don't have an office this summer, but I have work to do.

Anyway, when I was driving to work one day, despairing over this problem, the thought came to me: "Your parents have a home that's going to be sitting empty." See, my father is recently retired, and my parents were planning to make a long trip. (They're back home now, which is why I can tell you about all this without worrying about pirates and whatnot.) But then I thought, "There's no way my wife is going to go along with that idea."

The next day, I said to my wife, "Hey, you want to hear a crazy idea that I had that there's no way we'd ever really do?" And when I got done telling her, she said, "Yeah, that could work." So, with that comparatively-ringing endorsement, I looked at a calendar. I had to work until April 26th, and then I had to be back in town to go to Boy Scout camp on June 16th. Between those dates, I was free.

And that was how I ended up spending seven weeks in Ohio.

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