Monday, August 12, 2019

Life Changes in the Summer of 2019

I went to Ohio at the end of April with the intention of finishing my dissertation over the following seven weeks. I did not do that. I did make progress, however, and I believe that the trip was worth it. I came home to Florida in late June with a solid picture of where I was and how I would get to where I needed to be.

After some time at Boy Scout camp, I was ready to move forward. That was when I decided I would write 1,000 words every day and post them here for feedback. As soon as I started that, though, I learned that my employment would not be renewed for the coming school year. And so that brought a sudden halt to other concerns, and I am now looking for work.

I am telling you this here because these changes have led to a dramatic reduction in blog output. First I ignored by blog to do dissertation work, then as soon as I decided to use my blog for dissertation work, I've had a bit of an emergency that demands my attention. But it's not my intention to wind down this blog, or even to allow it to peter out. I'm staying in blogging until I'm the last person in the world who still updates his blog, and I'm most of the way there, already; there's no way I stop now!

Regarding work, I currently live in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, and am looking for something here or else something I can do remotely from here. I have spent the last 10 years or so teaching college-level economics, and I have experience as a GIS analyst, a writer (technical, journalism, and creative), and a city planner. I have degrees in Economics (BS, MA, and PhD ABD), and I have basic skills in Mandarin Chinese (completed HSK-2, prepared for HSK-3) and German.

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