Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Help, Help, I'm Being Repressed!

Yesterday, I went to the city library. I went to a branch a little farther away, because it's usually as quiet as--oh, I don't know, someplace known for being quiet, like, let's say--a library. I was sitting at a table outside a study room. A young family occupied the study room, and not that much longer, they turned out the light. A librarian came to tell them that they had to leave the light on. And the dad of the family became insane.

"The baby needs to sleep!" Then you need to go somewhere else, because you can't have the lights off here. "Show me where it says that!" It's right here in the code of conduct on the library website. "Where is the sign that says it?!" It's not necessary to have it on a sign. "I spoke to the manager, and she said it was fine!" It turns out this librarian is the manager's manager. "I want to speak to your manager!" Okay, she wants your telephone number so she can call you. "It feels like we're being harassed here! I'm going to speak to someone at City Hall, and you will probably lose your job!" If that happens, the librarian will be sad, but in the meanwhile, leave the light on.

By the way: I have nothing but respect for this librarian. She wasn't passive-aggressive polite, she was just straight-up polite. She never escalated anything. Consummate pro.

Finally, the guy said, "What you're doing right now is very unconstitutional." I couldn't help laughing. The old lady at the next table over looked at me and said, "Unconstitutional, huh?"

So I just wanted to make you aware of a Constitutional right you might not have realized you have: not following the library code of conduct. Now go out there and exercise that right!

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