Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Drew Carey Watch

Remember how, starting about 10 years ago, people started telling me I look like Drew Carey? It died down so much that I'd sort of forgotten. Then, two weeks ago, I got in an elevator right as the doors were closing, and the guy already in the elevator said, "Man, I thought Drew Carey was in my elevator for a minute!"

Last week at church, a newer member of our ward said to me, "I expect you get the Drew Carey comparisons all the time."

Bonus weirdness to this story: he then said, "It's a funny story--actually, it's pretty tragic...." ?!?!?! That took a fairly quick turn! His story was that he used to have a bishop who looked just like Drew Carey, and then that bishop died from poorly managing his diabetes. Sooooo...I have THAT to look forward to?

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