Tuesday, November 05, 2019

The 2020 Republican Nominee

The impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump are picking up pace, and it seems just a few moments ago the president's star witness flipped on him. So why have I seen absolutely NO analysis of who the 2000 GOP nominee will be? Do we really think Republicans will renominate an impeached president? I've actually seen articles that speculate Trump will be removed from office AND THEN RE-ELECTED, but isn't it easier to believe that someplace between here and removal, he is seen as the political liability he is and the Republicans replace him?

Maybe if the guy had packed party officials with his people, but I don't feel like that's happened; for one thing, he doesn't really have enough people to pack a dance club, let alone a political party. Administrative positions are hard to fill. Most Republican leaders were Never-Trumpers until he won the nomination.

Second possibility: sure, they were Never-Trumpers, but then they held their noses and worked with him, and none of them has any remaining legitimacy. But there are still Never-Trumper GOP members out there. "Not many of the elected officials!" you say. True, but still not zero (e.g.: Mitt Romney).

I'll be honest, since I checked out on politics in 2016, I don't really know who could be a legitimate contender for the GOP nomination, but I think it's time we start looking into it. I just don't see Trump being the type of charismatic leader that will get the party to follow him off a cliff; Trump voters might, but party officials are much more self-seeking than committed to any Trumpian ideology.

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