Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Complete History of My Life as a Runner

The first time I ever ran for sport and/or leisure, I was in fifth grade. My brother was a distance runner in junior high, and had just graduated. Somehow, my parents and the junior-high coach came to an agreement to pull me out of elementary school for junior-high running events. I do not remember being consulted. I guess I went along because running two miles was better than an hour of fifth grade.

I kept running since then, probably because running is the only form of solitary exercise that doesn't involve a membership fee and doesn't make you look insane when you do it in public. I ran in junior high and high school for my school teams. I ran for fitness for years afterwards. I have completed a half-marathon and two marathons. All without really being a big fan of running.

Tuesday morning, I went for a run. I got about four houses away and tripped on an uneven section of sidewalk. I had my phone in my left hand, so I rolled onto the outside of that arm instead of bracing with my palm. I got some road rash and decided to return home instead of bleed all over myself for the rest of my run.

Is this my last time ever running? I've never been a giant fan of it, and maybe this is the result of failing reflexes as I age. Maybe I should just be an old guy who walks now.

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