Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Dissertation Writing?

I was involved in a car accident last week. I had left our library, which is on a small road that intersects a large road. I came to the light as it was turning yellow. I stopped and waited a cycle. When the light turned green, I hesitated to see if the cars coming toward me were turning or going straight, then I began my left-hand turn. From my left, a woman in the center lane of three lanes failed to stop for her red light, and she ran into me.

State law requires a minor accident to get out of the travel lanes. I backed out of the intersection. She sat there for several cycles, until another motorist convinced her to get out of the way. While she sat there, she had called her husband, who was going to come. She said she didn't see what color the light was.

Her husband arrived. She told him she didn't see what color her light was. The police arrived, because someone had called it in while the lady was sitting in the intersection. Both me and the lady's husband asked the police officer what we should do, and she said that if we had exchanged insurance information, she didn't need to file a police report.

This week, the insurance adjuster says the lady claims her light was green. Because we moved out of the intersection (per state law), and we didn't have any witnesses (because the cars that were there drove away), and the police didn't create a police report (because she told us she didn't need to), the accident goes down as neither party's fault, so I have to pay my deductible to get my car repaired.

I called the adjacent businesses. One of them has a woman who doesn't speak English, but told a bilingual coworker what she saw. With no prompting from me regarding which party I was, she corroborated my story. I called my insurance adjuster and told her. She called the business, and they told her they couldn't make any statements because they are working.

I texted the woman's husband to ask how she suddenly recalled something she didn't remember last week. He hasn't replied. I am so frustrated that this is how I'm spending my time today, trying to find a witness willing to make a statement. And I spent most of last Wednesday being in an accident and dealing with its consequences. And I get to spend most of this Friday getting my car repaired. This isn't what I need to be doing right now.

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