Thursday, March 12, 2020

True Detective

A couple of weeks ago, I was involved in a traffic accident. I know my light was green. The other driver said she didn't know what color her light was, but when she looked up after the collision, it was red. Then, a week later, my insurance adjuster said the other driver now says her light was green. Since they cannot determine fault, I'm going to have to pay my $500 deductible to get my car repaired.

I called several businesses in the area. I found an eyewitness. The next day, I went to the area to talk to some of the workers in person.

I went to a laundromat and asked the worker, but she hadn't seen anything. I went to a barbershop and asked the worker, and she saw the entire thing. I went to the tailor shop that employs the foreign eyewitness who was hesitant to give a recorded statement. The two employees there (the bilingual one and the non-English-speaking one) both said they saw it. I went across the street to a tire shop. Several employees watched the aftermath, but one saw the actual accident. Then they gave me the name and workplace of a guy who was making a delivery to the shop at the time. I went home and called him. He was stopped AT THE RED LIGHT when the other driver passed him and entered the intersection.

I called my insurance adjuster and said, "In the past day, I've been able to find five witnesses who support my version of events, while [the other driver] has none."

My adjuster got recorded statements from the tire shop employee and the delivery driver. Now we're waiting on her supervisor to listen to the statements and make a decision. Meanwhile, I dropped my car off for repairs last Friday, thinking it would be a one-day thing. They called me today to say I might get it back tomorrow, but it also might not be done until Monday.

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