Friday, August 28, 2020

Wait for It....

A couple months ago, I promised to no longer mention a particular project on my blog until it was either finished or I had quit. And I had a schedule for finishing it in early August. That would mean that this blog would be free to make mention of the fact that I had finished, and I would then have a ton of free time to devote to other pursuits (impending pursuits include learning how to cook, how to play music and sing, and how to speak other languages).

But then my schedule didn't work out. I'd explain how, but remember how I'm not allowed to mention this project? So all I can say is: the new dead-I-mean-absolutely-drop-dead-deadline is December.


But cheer up! Even if I can't mention the project per se, I can at least mention things that happen because of the project, like when my advisor said my work was "dreadful" and "irresponsible"! Good times!

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