Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Human Fragility

How did evolution leave our species so fragile? A lion can grab onto a wildebeest and give it a few bites before losing it, and the wildebeest will be fine. Calvin Coolidge's son stubbed his toe and died.

Seriously, what is the maternal mortality rate in the animal kingdom? A gazelle drops a kid and is, like, "Whoa, I feel a lot better now," and walks away. No one is worried about whether the mother gazelle is going to survive. In fact, I can't get any relevant results when I Google "maternal mortality in the animal kingdom." It's all about human maternal mortality. Are we the only species that is SO threatened by childbirth? What's the evolutionary explanation for that? Thrill-seeking women (you get more babies out of a lady who's more likely to die from childbirth because YOLO)? Motherless children grow up to be sexier?

This isn't a "so evolution isn't true!" post; I just don't understand why something as fundamental as reproduction is so dangerous uniquely for humans.

PS: Remember, "math" is the science label.

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