Thursday, January 21, 2021

Nobody's Mad at Mosiah

Nephi takes the records and the other accoutrements of leadership and departs into the wilderness (2 Ne. 5:12). Four hundred years later, Mosiah does the same thing (Omni 1:12-14; see Bradley, p. 265). A generation later, Zeniff leads some Nephites back to the Land of Nephi, and he tells us that the Lamanites hate the Nephites because of the actions of...Nephi (Mosiah 10: 12-17; see Belnap, p. 25). Not Mosiah, who stole the same stuff, and much more recently. Mosiah might not even have been royalty, just some dude (Omni 1:12; see Bradley, p. 245). Why are the Lamanites still worked up over Nephi's actions and not Mosiah's?

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