Friday, March 19, 2021

I Wish I Knew How to Quit Google

About a year ago, I changed my default search engine to Duck Duck Go. My wife and children have been mocking this decision ever since. But I'm opposed to the opaque privacy practices and general dickishness of Google.

Last week, I got a new computer. I have not remembered to change the search engine in the browser on this computer. Remember in January when I wrote about efficiency and I wanted to mention some General Conference talk, but I couldn't find it? I spent probably 20 minutes on the church's website and on Duck Duck Go trying to find that talk, and nothing was working. Today I had reason to think of that talk again, so I searched "lds general conference efficient," only this time I used Google because it's still my browsers default. The FIRST RESULT was the talk I wanted: "Walk with Me," by President Eyring in the April 2017 conference.

Sigh. This is why we use Google, I guess.

President Eyring said:

...the Lord's work is not just to solve problems; it is to build people. So as you walk with Him in priesthood service, you may find that sometimes what seems like the most efficient solution is not the Lord's preferred solution because it does not allow people to grow.

See how that's related to Arrington's point about paying tithing in butter? Wouldn't it have been great if I had remembered to use Google three months ago?

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