Thursday, March 04, 2021

I'm Pretty Sure I've Used Every Available Blog-Post Title by Now

It has been a long time since I missed an entire calendar month on my blog. How long? [research] Fourteen and a half years. It was August, 2006, the last time I missed a month.

I'm in a slump. Those of you old enough to remember the movie Singles can picture Steve's funk after his commuter train proposal was rejected. Younger readers should picture Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation when he is experimenting with calzones and creating the Cones of Dunshire. The point is, I've been pretty out of it. While Harvey Danger sang "happiness writes white," it's also true that unhappiness doesn't stoke the creative blogging fires.

I can't promise I'm back to regular blogging. Fortunately, I'm pretty sure my only blog visitors are Russian pornbots, so it's not like I'm disappointing anyone. I'd love to cut a deal with the Universe along the lines of "I promise to be a better blogger if You promise to stop crapping on my head," but I have no idea where I'd take such a proposal to begin negotiations.

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