Friday, March 19, 2021

"She Won an Oscar and He's a Congressman!"

Over 14 years ago (?!?!?!), I invented the word "Trump classy." See here.

This week I'm reading a book entitled Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber. He writes:

Now, one could certainly make the argument that there's a deep structural affinity between wasteful extravagance and bullshit, and theorists of economic psychology from Thorstein Veblen, to Sigmund Freud, to Georges Bataille have pointed out that at the very pinnacle of the wealth pyramid--think here of Donald Trump's gilded elevators--there is a very thin line between extreme luxury and total crap. (There's a reason why in dreams, gold is often symbolized by excrement, and vice versa.)

I'll be honest, reading a book about how everyone has a job that can't possibly have real qualifications because it doesn't involve real work is not that helpful for an unemployed dude who has recently reached the 250th-unanswered-application milestone.

Post title from a 24-year-old joke from The Simpsons about a then-23-year-old show.

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